Archetypal Astrology is the mirroring of the luminary bodies and the planetary spheres with the human soul. It is the reflection of inner and outer, below and above, and psyche and cosmos. 


Natal Reading & Current Transits : 1.5 Hours

This reading gives an in-depth look into the clients natal chart (where the planets were at the moment of birth) and goes into the planetary transits that are currently influencing the clients natal chart.


Current Transits : 1 Hour

This service is for returning clients who have already done a 1.5 hour reading with me. It is to continue the honoring and tracking of the planets and how they are in relationship with the clients natal chart.


Composite Reading

This is a reading done with two charts. Each person will have already had a 1.5 hour reading with me. In this reading both charts will be looked into and how the natal charts reflect upon and interact with each other. 


New Life/Baby Reading - 1 Hour

This reading is for a new baby. It is an hour long and goes into what planetary energies are present in this new life.