October 24th | 9:46am PST


With the Moon in the very beginning of Taurus and the Sun in the very beginning of Scorpio the Full Moon is lighting up this Taurus / Scorpio Axis to open us up to what happens past our own comfort and beyond where we normally dwell. Taurus has a thing for the finer things and life and at times can even be a bit over indulgent is the cozy and the lavish.

It is a good time to check in with ourselves around what we are putting into our bodies and how we are using our bodies. It is also a time to look at what aspects in our life have we been slothful around and yet still feeling jealousy and envy towards people who have what we are clearly not working towards. Where are our priorities around what we want, and where are we actually putting in the work. These jealous and envious feelings of others, especially over nice things and/or influence and power can be really difficult to deal with. It is important to look at where this is popping up and either cultivate some gratitude or use the innate power within us to actually take steps towards what we desire.

When we take a look at these things we are able to connect more with the beyond and see where there is to explore. The veil is down between this world and the others that lurk beyond. The underworld is open. It is important to give ourselves the space to see what lays in these places beyond and what is waiting for us once we get there.


With the Sun and Venus together in the sky there is a real tendency towards shining in our relationships, shining in beauty, and allowing our solar self to radiate love. This is a great time for self love and self care as well. With this combination in a harmonious relationship with Saturn in the sky it might also be time to make some real commitments to the self. This is an empowering time for some real structure and stability to be brought into our relationships, with others and with ourselves.


Emotions are already in a heightened state due to the Full Moon energy surrounding us, but bringing Uranus into it just makes this state even more erratic, ever changing, and spontaneous. There may need to be extra patience around others and of course our self as these moods and feels seem to rollercoaster around during this Full Moon.


Our communication is on fire with Mercury squaring Mars in the sky. This dynamic relationship between the archetype of communication and the archetype of the will can make for some forceful and agitated conversations. It is important to harness this energy during this time, and rather than using it to jab others with our words where it hurts them the most, use it instead for a productive endeavor. It is also a time when we can be really pour our will and creative energy out onto the page. So go ahead and write it out, sing it our, laugh it out… we have an ability during this transit to really let our will spill out onto the world in creative (and of course destructive) ways.


This combination makes for a real sense of awe and excitement within the relational realm. There is at once a love of freedom and a freedom that we can only find from love. Our relationships may be experiencing a level of discomfort as we navigate what it means to be a free and autonomous person within our relationship, and these needs of feeling like there are no bounds may take some adjustment. There is also a chance for sudden and crisp change with the Venus / Uranus energy.