8 October 2018 | 8:47pm PST

This New Moon is all about our relationships, partnerships, and our own sense of self within them. Libra wants to have peace, balance, and harmony, so when things seem out of wack Libra is quick to try and fix it. During this New Moon difficulties around relationship may be coming up, in all areas: intimate, love, plutonic, and work. It is a good time to get to the root of the issue and sort it out. We have the power and patience right now to make right our wrongs and move forward in our relationships in a harmonious and graceful manner.

Also… Let us remember that in remembering who we are within relationships it is also to remember our own beauty. This is a perfect time for some lavish self care, some beauty spa time, or just some good old fashion pink nail polish. Whatever makes us feel pretty we should go ahead and indulge in during this time.


Mars is in a harmonious trine with this Libra New Moon. This New Moon is on the Libra/Aries axis and Mars rules Aires. So the power that is flowing into this New Moon in potent and fast paced. It is a time when we can really move things forward and have the energy to make a change, especially if the change will bring things into balance.


The Sun and Moon in the sky are quincunx to Neptune which is bringing in the ever present spiritual yet delusional quality to this New Moon. Neptune often times sees the world with rose colored glasses on. We can take this opportunity with the dynamic quincunx relationship to see where we are glossing over problematic relationships and where our ideals for relationships actually are. This will give us a good place to start when we are trying to seek balance and exert our energy in relationships.

Neptune is also trine to Venus in the sky giving this already head in the sky vibe a relational twist. Where are we expecting too much of others? Where are we expecting too little? And where are we acting like an individual who does not get their worth from others, and where are we acting as if our worth does come from others?


Pluto is square the Sun in the sky and therefore also squaring this Libra New Moon. There is power coming into this New Moon, and yet it may be getting stuck and/or coming from some bizarre places. The underworld is currently open, lets go ahead and do whatever it is we need to do to let this power flow in to ourselves and how we relate to others. We can be strong by ourselves and strong together in relationship. It is just a matter of letting the power stretch out and come into balance.


Mercury and Uranus are opposite each other in the sky bringing about quick conversation and words that can revolutionize. Where are we using our words to make change? Where are we seeking that words and communication are coming up against freedom?

Venus Retrograde

Venus just went Retrograde in Scorpio and will remain appearing backwards in the sky until November 16th. This cycle happens about every two years and gives us a real introspection and reflection on how we are relating to others and where our relationships are needing our love and attention. Venus in Scorpio is opening up the underworld allowing for us to go as deep as we need to go to gain the knowledge that will ultimately give us the answers to any relational problems we are having. This will also bring us into balance with and into wholeness with the Wild Woman who lives within us all.

Listen to the New Moon Playlist to get ourself into the feels for this evening and then enjoy for weeks to come as we deepen our understanding in our own relationships and our own self worth as relational beings.