Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon

Thursday / 22 November 2018 / 9:39pm

Full Moon in Gemini is social, chatty, and all about connecting. This energy can feel superficial at first, but once we go deeper in and entrench ourselves with this airy energy we can see more clearly that anything is on the table to be discussed—anything.

I bring this up because many of us here in the US celebrate some form of family meal on this years Full Moon in Gemini. For some this is a day that is un-touched by pathology and simply a large meal to celebrate harvest. For others it is a day that can be sad, can bring out ancestral wounds, and needs to be talked about.

However this day is spent it is usually a time when we are in contact with family and friends, many of whom we may disagree with. And politics, will inevitably come up. It always seems to and this year is especially ripe with discussion and this Full Moon is asking for all the bits to be picked up, and for change and movement to come into our discussion.

Sun // Moon // Jupiter

Jupiter is in Sagittarius next to the Sun giving us a big boost of ego. Jupiter is also right across from the Moon giving us a boost of our emotional and soft self as well. This Full Moon is drenched in this Jupitarian energy that makes everything it touches larger, bigger, and grander. It also does bring luck or a good omen, but I do not think we should count too heavily on Jupiter to do all the heavy lifting. It is up to us, and the energy that we bring to Jupiter, that can try to create such bountiful outcomes. It is us, our circumstance, and Jupiters bounty that all need to work together to give us ‘good luck’. We get to co-create our reality with the Universe, the stars do not give us our fate.

T Square with Mars

The axis of the Full Moon falls on Gemini and Sagittarius bringing us an expansive and far seeing opposition that is being T-squared by Mars. A T-square means that there is a planet, in this case Mars, that is directly in the middle of the opposition and therefore squaring each of the points of the opposition. So Mars is sitting pretty in the middle of the Sun and the Moon squaring each one respectively. This aspect patter in the sky can be difficult to integrate and to keep straight. Mars is the archetype of the will, aggression, conflict, strife, and strength. So there is a tendency for Mars to want to get their way. Right now though Mars is in Pisces which is softening the rough edges of Mars and giving us time to pause and think before we react completely out of anger or self willl run riot.

Mars // Saturn

Mars is also sextile to Saturn in the sky right now which makes for a strong connection between our structured and obedient self and our energetic and willful self. This can also look like flowing interaction between the traditional, the old ways, or the patriarchy and the wants, desires, and needs of the young energetic vibes. A sextile is harmonious in nature and therefore will hopefully not cause too much tension, rather will create a strengthening and energetic movement between the old and new ways of being.

Venus // Uranus

Venus and Uranus have been opposite in the sky for sometime now with Venus moving Retrograde and now moving direct past Uranus. Uranus is Retrograde right now and has dipped back into Aries for one last time before entering back into Taurus. Uranus went back into Aries on November 6th, Voting Day while Venus was still Retrograde. We say a surge of females coming into power that day. As Venus moves back across Uranus it is important that we continue to honor the feminine and look towards how we are going to continue to break through bounds.

Mercury RETROGRADE // Neptune

Mercury is Retrograde right now in the sign of Sagittarius and is squaring Neptune in the sky. Neptune has a way of seeing the world with rose colored glasses on and usually finding a means of escaping. It is oh so important that we do not escape during this Mercury Retrograde, rather it is important that we bring out the high vibe and spiritual side of Neptune as we engage with others through our thoughts and ideas. This cycle of Mercury Retrograde is short but intense. Mercury will be moving from Sagittarius into Scorpio on December 1st and will go direct on December 6th.