July 25 - August 18

AGH! It's happening!!! Mercury, the archetype of thinking, ideas, and all forms of communication is seemingly going backward in the sky!!!

Let's be real; we deal with this a few times a year for a few weeks at a time, we got this! Rather than simply tacitly agreeing to the hype around Mercury Retrograde -- that everything will go haywire -- maybe there is a deeper understanding that we can use to our benefit. Yes, this may be a time that emails and texts don't go through and some of our communication may get stuck in the aether, but this is also an opportunity to see communication slowing down a bit. Communication between humans face to face rather than through emails and texts is preferred. Furthermore, we might even be able to have a glimpse at this Retrograde as a time when the connection between the self and the cosmos will not only be heightened but the most rewarding. 

What is REALLY going on when Mercury is in Retrograde?

Mercury has just slowed way down in its regular orbit, giving us here on Earth a little bit of time to catch up. It is an illusion that Mercury is going backward, it is just taking its time. As we pass Mercury; it appears to be going backward, an optical illusion. Mercury is not literally going backward; Mercury is figuratively giving us space to take time in our communication and connections with ourselves, others, and the cosmos. 

Mercury Retrograde creates a much-needed space in its cycle around the Sun. It is a period when Mercury slows down, maybe rather than being scared of this abnormality we see in the cosmos; we can instead take a hint and follow suit. What would it look like for us to slow down or to make space for ourselves? Or to think before we send that email or text? To think through making definite plans for the future or signing a binding contract? It is not that we should not do these things, it is that we should probably be taking more time to meditate on them before committing. 
There is a unique awareness that comes about with Mercury Retrograde, let's try and get in touch with this awareness and create the space it needs to come into our lives. This means getting rid of the fear that everything is going to go wrong, or that no conversation will end without getting hacked.  Without this fear, we can instead replace it with a distinct awareness of the communication taking place; we might even be able to see the gift of Mercury Retrograde. 
Even though Mercury is in Retrograde and taking its sweet time, this is not a time for procrastination. Just because we may have put off making any big plans concerning our future, does not mean that the step work does not need to get done. The footwork for big projects and plans need to be done,  just with a certain amount of awareness and slowness to them.

Our Current Slowing with Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will go Retrograde in Leo during a Full Moon // Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. The Leo/Aquarius axis is all about creativity and the dichotomy between the individual and the group. Having Mercury Retrograde on this axis means that communication, especially in highly social situations, may need to be taken slowly. When we are in the spotlight we need to remember to hear others roar and when we are in the audience it is important to make sure that we don't become a sheep. There is a balance between having all the attention and sharing the stage with those that are too shy. .This is also an opportune time to make art of any and all kinds that communicates one's goals and values about our Humanity, Earth, and Cosmos with our fellows. It is time to spread our ideas through creative means, this may even be the best way to communicate during this retrograde. A good time to think outside of the box, and maybe to realize there is no box to begin with. 

On August 8th Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and there will be a deeper focus on the self. Firey Sun in Leo wants all of those around her to be fawning all over her and it is important to be self-reflexive when we find ourselves in this position. What we are doing this time should be in the service of growth towards the Aquarian side of the axis, towards acting for the greater good of the whole, towards being the best we can be for those around us. This action starts with our ability to take care of our self and to make sure we are functioning to our fullest. It is only when we are in good communication with our self that we are in our best fit condition, it is only when we are sinking in deeply with our selves that we feel as though we are enough. From this point, we can then go out into the world and make a difference and communicate and act for the well being of the world. 



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