In honor of the exact Venus trine Neptune today I wanted to give a lot-a-bit of love to Ariana Grande. I honestly did not listen to much of her music before this year, but oh man did she blow me away with her 2018 album Sweetner. If you have not listened yet I highly recommend it to anyone. Here is a little bit about Ariana and and her Natal Chart.

Ariana Grande was born on June 26th, 1993 making her part of the Uranus/Neptune club. This Uranus/Neptune club represents a generation, a whole way of looking at the world and a perspective that is unique and boundary dropping at its core. 


Ariana's Uranus/Neptune is at her Ascendant. The ascendant is where we move from, where our impulse draws out of. Her rising sign is Capricorn and the ascendant is at 20° with Uranus/Neptune also at 20° Capricorn. This makes Uranus/Neptune exactly conjunct her ascendant. So although this is very much a generational planetary combination, the fact that she has it on top of her ascendant makes her a beam at which this archetypal combination can shine. 

Ariana displays the archetypal statement 'God is a Woman' with her Venus in the song ‘God is a Woman’ off of her album Sweetner. Her Venus is at 20° Taurus, in it’s own dignity, making Venus exactly trine her Uranus/Neptune. This further embodies her archetypal expression. 

Venus is all about love, art, beauty, value, and relationships. It fully embodies the female form and the womanliness that Ariana is speaking of.

Uranus is all about the out of the ordinary or the against the traditional. Uranus is quick change towards revolution and away from the establishment.

Neptune is the transcendent and spiritual side of life. It is the numinous feels that surround us all and leave us feeling at one with the divine.

So God (Neptune) is a (Uranus) Woman (Venus) is just a huge wonderful and overwhelming display of the Venus + Uranus + Neptune combination that Ariana holds so potently in her chart and in her music. What’s more is she is pretty clearly talking about sex as a form of prayer and connection with the divine.

Ariana has had a year of ups and downs in her love life, there is far too much that has happened to get into it here, which could very well be explained by some of her current transits.

She has had Venus moving over (back and forth because of Retrograde) her Natal Pluto and Pluto has been moving over her Uranus + Neptune which is of course lighting up her Natal Venus as well. These transits are prime for taking deep inner journeys in the areas of love, value, and what it means to be a true and authentic self that can hold up within relationship.

Check out her chart below as well as the ‘God is a Woman’ music video.