24 September 2018 | 7:43pm PST

As the Moon becomes full it moves into the first part of Aries as the Sun moves into the first part of Libra. There is a balance that is wanting to be achieved between this axis of polarity. The idea of balance is again echoed with the start of Libra season and the Autumnal Equinox. All of which is happening at the same Cosmic time.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the archetype of the will, aggression, conflict, and the force within us to get shit done. So a Full Moon in Aries is quite forceful in nature and may be a good time to highlight where we have been too aggressive or not quite aggressive enough. Where in our lives are we seeking to push our will onto others. Where are we struggling? Where are we sitting back and watching our lives move before us?

Libra, on the opposite side of Aries, is all about peace, balance, and harmony. So when thinking about a Full Moon in Aries, you can’t but think about how is our will out of alignment with the greater will, and how do we go about correcting this to get back into harmony with the Universe. The way in which reality is created is co-creative in its nature, it is necessary for us to participate fully in our lives to achieve what we are here to do.


The North Node in Leo is being activated by Mars in Aquarius. Venus and Uranus are also involved by squaring both the North Node and Mars. This planetary alignment is giving us the energy to move through and onto our path for this life. There are road signs being shown to us right now about our unique and individualized journey in both the creative and relationship realm. This is also a time when our partnerships might be starting down a new path, or speeding up on a current path. Enjoy the path not just where it is heading!


Mercury is right next to the Sun in the sky bringing our thoughts and ideas into the world through our communication with others. There is a very real ability right now to shine light on our fully created and potent ideas with others. And let’s not forget to communicate with others, not everyone can read minds, in fact most people cannot.


The Sun and Mercury are also squaring Saturn right now giving our ego a pause and a moment to really look at who we are and what we would like to achieve. Along with Saturn, Mars is also in a relationship with the Sun/Mercury combination in the sky giving us the ability to push towards these goals and make our ideas shine. Mars is associated with our drive and our will, so as we move through this Full Moon lets reach towards the serious goals of Saturn with the push and drive of Mars.


Venus and Neptune are coming into a harmonious trine relationship as this Full Moon comes into its height. Neptune brings the focus of our relationships into our ideals and our day dreams about our love life into reality. It is a great time to manifest that ideal relationship or person, but let us not forget to base what we want with what we need and place it in reality.


Jupiter and Pluto have been in a sextile relationship for sometime now, coming on and off of their connection with one another. They are finally separating for good now. Jupiter amplifies the darkness of Pluto and Pluto’s depths are brought higher by Jupiter. Having a separation here gives us a breath between trauma, between shame, and between what lurks beneath.

This is a PDF download for at home use. It is a worksheet to help us move through the Full Moon in Aires and manifest our destinies together with the creative forces of the Cosmos. This worksheet is meant as a supportive element for Moon Cycle Rituals and Practices.