It all started when I shuffled my 78 cards and this came out...



The Star is all about finding your dreams and figuring out what path to take. This dream is the dream set out for you by the Universe; it is the path you are meant to take, the one you cannot but take. The Star is begging for a profound and honest dive; it is ready to go in and make the greatest and truest of dreams shine.


The Moon represents the unconscious or the way in which we connect to the collective unconscious. It is all about our emotions and getting lost in the sea of feeling. As we travel on our path to transcendence, we balance between our wild and tamed selves and eventually see that there are bits of wonderment in everything around us. 



The Sun is the conscious shining of ourselves. It symbolizes a new day and a new us, it is the shining of the self that we create, that we have been working towards and curating. The 21 rays of light remind us to shine the whole spectrum of our full self, to be authentic to our core. Shine the dream that connects the divine in everything. 

It became clear that this reading, for me at the time it was received, was a clear invitation to find and honor my path, to dive in deep to the creative intuition and magical imagination that I hold, and to shine out my authentic self with wild, irreverent splendor eventually. Out of this spread STAR • MOON • SUN was born, and now she shines for all who wish to experience her.