The unexamined life is not worth living
— Socrates

    Divination itself is a process or the action of having something flow from the universe to the human, the community, and the world. It is what opens communication with the cosmos. I question myself, how do I have the audacity to call myself a diviner? It is simple. It is because I am participating with the Universe to make this connection, for myself and to help others find it as well. I am enchanting—with magic—a way of life that is co-creative with the cosmos and empowering to all.

    Archetypal Divination has shown me a way to honor, track, experience, embody, communicate, and co-create with the cosmos. I have seen the correlations between the enchanted cosmos and our human affairs, both personally and culturally. It is just like the old saying, 'As above so below.' Where the above effects the below, and the below also has to power to participate with the above. Your future is not just something that is simply handed to you by the cosmos; rather it is something that you co-create with the cosmos. Richard Tarnas describes this relationship as, "A dynamically co-creative role for human agency in participatory interaction with the archetypal forces and principles involved." There is action required within the relationship we have with the cosmos.