Blake read my astrology chart with nuanced insight. During our session, I was able to depart from the cliche and superficial notions I previously held about astrology, and delve into a deeper, subtler, and more profound understanding of the ways in which we are affected by celestial alignment. Blake works in both the intuitive and intellectual realms, opening the door for her clients to connect into their charts with her.
— Hannah Lushington : Doula & Herbalist

Blake Madison Baxley distinguishes herself among practitioners of the divinatory arts by her refreshing unorthodoxy and her capacity for being simultaneously spiritually attuned and grounded. The striking universality of her words in conveying the message of the oracle makes the work feel universal and accesible to people with a broad range of perspectives.
— Dr. Beck D. Ballentine

Blake’s readings are mesmerizing and carries you through the stars themselves. Her passion for this ancient study shows in her expressions as she details the history and lore of this beautiful art. She explains each of her steps and how they create the path before you while being warm and welcoming. Sharing space with her is an incredible experience. I would invite all who can to be appart of her sacred and practiced reading of the sky.
— Kayla

Blake is a true prodigy! Her tools were astrology and the tarot deck in my session where she explained in vibrant detail the meaning and nuances in my chart. She told me what to be on the look-out for and more importantly, how to handle and integrate those lessons into my everyday life. She has strong intuition that she’s using while making sense of the science. What made the reading special is the follow up call, prepared notes and outline of astro happenings to come. It really helped me integrate and understand what she was offering long after the session was over. She’s a life coach and intuitive spiritual guide whose equipped with a special toolkit!
— Shane Young : Founder of Ascend Body & Holistic Exercise and Lifestyle Coach